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    20th September 2014

    The art of photography started years back. The world photography history has a rich heritage of more than 180 years. The aim to bring the awareness of photography in this modern era, the students of Creative Hut Institute of Photography, engaged in learning various aspects of photography in the Institute. As a part of the study, students pursuing professional photography course underwent the research on photography in the guidance of their mentor and director of the institute Abin Alex. This led the group of 14 members (including two faculties and 12 students) to prepare the First and biggest Photography Wheel. The research and concept development that underwent for more than two months was a day & night joint effort of these 14 members. The final output of this was designed in the form of a Photography Wheel. Understanding every aspects of photography from its history to modern technology in a simple innovative that could be understood by any one is the key factor of this photography wheel.

    The continuous encouragement & efforts of the faculties Abin Alex and Anu Abin Alex with their 12 students from 5 different Indian states, terms this Wheel as unique informative wheel. It consists of the information, important years, significant facts related to photography and camera. The wheel is designed in such a way that all these details come under 5 major topics namely Photographs, Camera, Legends, Process and Innovations. This wheel is first of its kind and biggest measuring 7feet in diameter and 9feet tall. The inner wheel measures diameter 5 feet. The information such as the world’s first photograph, world’s First color photograph, World's first camera, Most expensive camera, Latest used technology used in Photography are few such information included in the Wheel. This first and Biggest Photography Wheel has included the photos & data from Pinhole Camera to Latest DSLR camera, Legends Joseph Neipce to Steve Mccury, Ansel Adams work and contributions, etc…

    The Participants were Abin Alex (Faculty), Anu Abin Alex (Faculty), Afsal, Ajindas, Arka, Ashish, Basil, Jaijith, Jithu, Jayram, Manikandan, Nithin, Rashid, Shamee. Gurukulam approach of learning here in the institute that is studying while staying with their mentor develops the self management, time management, personality gets developed and increases the team spirit among the students. Creative Hut initiates the research part in the learning session which makes this institute to be different from others. This had definitely one of the factors for the making of this first and biggest Photography wheel. Creative hut photography wheel research team intends in promoting photography in the simplest way and hence this research and concept in photography wheel is a charitable contribution in the photography field. The small hand held size of this wheel is also made available and a copy of this will be issued to schools or colleges, etc… wishing to promote photography to the new generation in their institution.


    We received six different awards for our unique idea for a photography. We're really proud of our students and faculty for achieving their results through hard work.

    Indian Achiever book of Records

    for Biggest Photography Wheel

    India book of records

    for Biggest Photography Wheel

    Limca Book of Records

    for Biggest Photography Wheel

    National Book of Records

    for Biggest Photography Wheel

    Asia book of records

    for Biggest Photography Wheel

    Miracle World Records

    for Biggest Photography Wheel

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