Travel Photography Course

One Year Professional Diploma
In Travel, Nature, Architecture & Landscape Photography
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Learn the Art of Travel Photography

The World is so beautiful with different yet unique specialties. The one-year professional diploma in Travel Photography course is apt for all those who love to travel and explore the world. At the same time, capture those special moments, attractive landscapes, varied nature, expressive eyes, emotional faces and a lot more. Learn, inform, share and explore are the key factors of Travel Photography. The interesting fact is that almost all the categories of photography are achieved when you travel.


What are you going to learn?
  • Introduction to Photography
  • Grammar of Lighting
  • Visual Language and Aesthetics
  • Mastering of Travel Photography
  • Travel Photo Journalism
  • Travel Video Journalism
  • Photo & Video Editing
  • Language and Communication
  • Digital Marketing
  • Travel Photography Tour
  • Professional Portfolio
  • Career Guidance
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Admission Open for 2021 – 2022 batch. The class starts from August 2021.

Travel Photography Course will function as part study tour, seminar and will introduce students to nature, landscape and travel photography. Students will learn about different camera techniques and formats, digital printing, travel photography and alternative photographic practices.

Travel Photography course introduces photography students with both practical and literal approaches. In this travel photography class, students learn a variety of techniques applied in the field. Further, they discuss how the medium has and will continue to change.

The word “travel” means ” make a journey. Thereupon, this completely fits our travel photography course with out-in-the-field travel photography tours. Indeed, it allows the students to explore different places of India and Abroad.


The art of Travel photography covers the students to learn photography and leads them to a professional career. This course is designed to inspire you and deliver the skills you will need to develop a beautiful and stunning reportage of your travel.

To summarize, the curriculum is designed for the students to manage your fundamentals of Camera, Lighting languages, and Mastering Travel photography. Furthermore, they also learn travel Video Journalism, Digital Image Editing, English language for communication Skills.


Students here learn to use their equipment and camera in the most appropriate manner. Beyond settings in DSLR cameras, students learn to make maximum use of those settings in different conditions. They not only learn to operate their digital camera beyond the auto setting but also apply the apt settings in different scenarios.

Capturing photos beyond the classroom to successfully complete photo assignments. Definitely, it makes the students take the first step towards their later travel photography.

• Part I: Exposure Modes
• Part II: Focus Modes


This module of lighting helps the students understand the characteristics and physics of light. Travel Photography deals with natural light at the most. But, understanding artificial light is equally important. On a positive note, each of us needs to understand the light that is been recorded or captured in our images.

Hence, here students understand the nature and characteristics of light, the natural light, types of artificial light, the direction of light. In addition, they study how the camera sees light, how to cope with difficult and low light conditions and much more.


The understanding of Visual language has much priority in Travel Photography. The classes in this module undergo various rules in photography that need to be applied in travel photography, landscape photography, nature photography, portrait photography, street, and documentary photography.

The course also gives importance to the understanding of the color concepts. And furthermore, the black and white concepts too. In addition to this, design elements, design principles, and visual literacy are well-practiced in the class session essential for travel photography.


Firstly, Mastering of Travel Photography course introduces the students to the history, prominent forms, styles, techniques, practice and ethical concerns of Travel Photography.

Secondly, the course explores thematic and narrative visual constructions. Therefore, students here get a wide approach to different aspects of travel photography.

Mastering Travel Photography

  • Part I: Nature Photography
  • Part II: Landscape Photography
  • Part III: Travel Photography


Fundamentals of Photojournalism will introduce students to the practice of professional photojournalism. As a result, the students will learn to approach situations with an eye toward comprehensive, in-depth and authentic photo documentation.

Regular assignments will be based on the focus on image content and effective composition. The course will also cover to meet industry expectations. For instance, street and documentary photography, black and white photography, portrait and people photography.

• Part I: Documentary Photography
• Part II: Black and White Photography
• Part III: Street Photography
• Part IV: Portrait Photography


Travel video Journalism enhances student’s ability to frame as per the relative objects, concept and designing elements. Another key point is that it brings out the real art in the frames. Similarly, they practically perform communication by capturing visuals, recording videos, writing, and then reporting.

• Part I: Travel Videography
• Part II: Vlog
• Part III: Documentary Videography

More often they are assigned the process and challenges of gathering news and news stories. Indeed this helps them to analyze the credibility of information, news judgment and the role of news agencies.


The presentation of one’s work has greater importance in any field. This module is all about the process of presenting one’s photographs and videography. Obviously, the process involves post-processing of still as well as moving images to achieve the best results.

Students learn to edit images thoughtfully and present them more effectively. Moreover, they learn the editing software assigned to regular practices.

• Part I: Digital Image Editing
• Part II: Video Editing


Communication is a must in any field. Here, the photography students use photography medium for communication. Of course, photography is beyond any language, but the understanding of the international language English is required in this field. Dealing with one’s subjects as well as the clients are unavoidable factors for a photographer.

The language of English is made comfortable for the students.  On the positive note, it is not only for their course of study but also for their future professional life.

Various indoor and outdoor class sessions, assignments, field visits are initiated here to develop the communication skills of each student.

• Part I: Field Visits
• Part II: Group Communication
• Part III: Individual Projects
• Part IV: Article Writing


This module covers the understanding of digital marketing of photographs through various mediums. Students here are taught to market their projects of travel photography, street and portrait photography, nature and landscape photographs through different social media.

The benefits of digital marketing are much greater. And hence the need for the same is important in the career of any travel photographer. Here, students understand the tricks of marketing their work to a wide audience. In short, they are getting ready with to enter the professional field.

• Part I: Blog / Website
• Part II: SEO marketing


Traveling is the highlight and key factor of the travel photography course. Our travel photography tour enables our students to explore more locations and understand different cultures and people. Indeed they learn to express those moments in the best possible way of travel photojournalism and travel video journalism.

This session is indeed the favorite session of the students which they eagerly wait for. Thereupon, the National and International photography tours are interesting features of this session.

• Part I: National Photography Tour
• Part II: International Photography Tour


Every individual student needs to prepare their self portfolio as per the course curriculum. Hence, students can select their themes or concept for the same.

A printed portfolio, a digital portfolio based on travel photography has to be submitted by each student. It may include landscape photography, nature photography, portrait photography, street photography and even travel experiences of travel photography.

Hence, each student needs to submit the Professional Portfolio as per the criteria of the Institute.

• Part I: Photography Portfolio
• Part II: Videography Portfolio


Creative Hut makes its maximum efforts to provide maximum possible career guidance. However, we don’t guarantee any job offering as such. In fact, we do provide career guidance only.

Possible Career Opportunities

  • Travel Photographer
  • Nature Photographer
  • Landscape Photographer
  • Documentary Photographer
  • Photo Editor

On the other hand, it is the complete responsibility of each student to find a suitable vacancy. Above all, acquire the necessary eligibility for applying for the job vacancies and actively perform well in the interviews.

The Institute does not take any responsibility for Placement. We do not offer any jobs.


Professional Photography Course Program fees Include Tuition Fees, Food and Accommodation in the campus, Uniform, GST, etc…

  • Program Fees: Rs.383500/-
  • Refundable Caution Deposit: Rs.10000/
  • Easy Payment Schedule:
Registration Fees : Rs.6555/- (At the time of Admission)
1st Payment Section : Rs.155295/-
2nd Payment Section : Rs.70000/- 
3rd Payment Section : Rs.102060/-
4th Payment Section : Rs.59590/-

All the taxes and charges imposed by the Government from time to time are applicable to the fees and are to be compulsorily paid by each student.  The above-mentioned fees are including GST 18% and 1% Kerala Flood cess. Further, any changes that may be imposed by the Govt., will be added and needs to be paid by the students additionally. National & International Photography tour costs will be extra.


How to Join for Professional Travel Photography Course?

Applying for photography admission is easier than you think. You may follow the Online Procedure or Offline Procedure. For any of these procedures, just complete four simple steps and launch your future in the art of photography.

Admission for Photography Course 2021

Step 1: Know your Course and Gurukul
The first step in joining our family is to meet or have a telephonic conversation or Whatsapp chat with our Admission Counsellor/faculty, who will introduce you to our Gurukulam culture, eco-friendly campus and study structure. Firstly, we need to understand why you want to do a course and what you expect from the Institute?  Secondly, we will help you determine if this particular course and CREATIVE HUT is the right fit for you.

Step 2: Apply your Name
Candidate need to submit the filled application form with their below details either directly to institute office or send email to admission@creativehut.org
Copy of candidate’s 10th Certificate & Marksheet Copy of candidate’s anyone valid id-address proof (Aadhar card/Voters Id/Driving license etc..)
Copy of any other qualification certificate (if available)

Step 3: Payment of Registration Fees
Once your documents are received and verified by the institute, you will then need to pay the non-refundable registration fees. Thus, an amount of Rs.6500/ + 1% cess needs to be paid either directly to the institute office or through NEFT/ net banking/ DD, etc… Please note that Institute Bank details will be provided to the candidate on request.

Step 4: Seat Confirmation
Finally, when you are with the above three steps, your seat is registered for the upcoming batch. You now become the part of Creative Hut and will receive a Confirmation Letter. Finally, get ready with your tools and gearbox to shift to your new home.


Any candidate with a minimum qualification of 10th or  12th or +2 or any diploma or any graduation or any post-graduation from any state or central Board is eligible for the course.

Further, to join the course for the upcoming batch, kindly follow the registration or admission procedure.

Firstly, you may visit the institute for more details. At the same time, you may complete the admission procedure too.

Or you may follow the admission procedure online on the Apply Now page.


Creative Hut provides food and hostel to all its students and faculties on the campus. In fact, Creative Hut follows a Gurukul way of learning. Therefore, students and faculties stay in one campus area.

An eco-friendly campus with best-staying facilities and fresh food is made available for all creative hut students and teachers. These facilities are available during the course of study.  Our students are the pillars of the Creative Hut family. And henceforth, we take maximum care to provide these facilities even after the course duration that is for alumni too.

The first thing to remember is that Creative Hut offers a residential course only. Therefore the total fees for the course cover the food and accommodation cost. Hence, no extra fees are applied for the same.



roshni s prasad

Roshni S Prasad Photographer Alappuzha, Kerala

“I am blessed to have found this institute. Every facilities like, smart class with internet access, big studio floor, sports and good opportunities are provided. I am proud to be a Creative Hut student”.


geevarghese joseph

Geevarghese Joseph Photographer Pathanamthitta, Kerala

“It is a family. I feel like Creative hut is my home. My life changed to another way. Equipped with smart classes and studio it offers a wide knowledge of photography and videography. I am proud to be a part of this family.”

pranesh s

Pranesh S Photographer Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

“A Life with Guru in Gurukulam marks a turning point in our life. Sharing Knowledge, and learning with new friends, all from different places and backgrounds, was simply a new experience for all of us. The way of teaching style is different and creative. I am so proud to be a part of this Gurukulam.



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