Eyes of Wild Creatures

There is always something that excites us to see the amazing wildlife photographs. Animals, Insects, and Birds which lives in thick forest region where no common man can reach. Their eyes and ears are very sharp that they can sense within a second of other creatures entering their region. Furthermore, this article consists of the eyes of wild creatures that live in the uninhabited region.

Here are the photographs were taken by different photographers focusing on the eyes of uninhabited wild creatures.

Chameleon: A color changing lizard | By: Mrinal Bhushan, Bihar
Racoon: The detective eyes | By: Nihal Kashyap, Chhattisgarh
Frogmouth: Camouflaged birds | By: Madhusudhan, Karnataka
Srilankan Frogmouth: aka Ceylon frogmouth | By: Manu Joseph, Kerala
Wild Serpent: Need some kind of tomorrow | By: Nihal Kashyap, Chhattisgarh
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