Invisible Events On Eyes


As part of Photojournalism, here is the photo article made by our author on street and portrait photography.

Diverse Purity of Life

Some invisible events create beautiful stories in minds. Sometimes eyes also capture something which has no clarity to open eyes. Invisible events are made on the depth of spirit and they expose an allusive explanation. Every simple circumstance can give a huge and deep elaboration created by the inner form of thinking. Besides, in our society, there are lots of inexplicable stories. We always fail to find them. Moreover, the entire pictures captured are of various types of activities and moments and that explain diverse inexplicable stories. They also highlight several types of emotions and different types of circumstances in society.

Contented: A happy life in streets of Rajasthan
Little One: Countless wishes on little eyes
Hushed: Every breath is equal to nature
Hesitation: A fab vision
Agog: Suspense is the art of curiosity
Color-Wash: Grace of festivals in humanism
Crimson: Dreamland on maiden eyes
Profound: Life in conflict
There are lots of wishes behind the window

The activities explain the thinking of humans and the analogous disparity between old and modern generation. The whole world actually belongs to our nearest environment, but sometimes eyes fail to find it and miss a beautiful story. A celestial story starting with nice thinking is ever memorable.

There are lots of wishes behind the window. They are unrestricted and encircled by lots of dreams. Henceforth, the view explains the indifferent smile of a little innocent life and they make the desire to see the unknown world behind the window. Lots of countless desires are there in holy eyes…

Bishal Ghosh, Ukhra, West Bengal.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Bishal Ghosh. Their reproduction, even in part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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