The portfolio “The Tales of Imagination” is the project prepared with different genres of photography. For instance Macro, Birds, Landscape, Art & Culture, Architecture, Street & Portrait, Product, and Fashion. This book is all about the great stories that happened on the planet. When someone on the earth decided not to give up. At the same time, the universe plays several roles. But, one usually does not identify and notice them in their respective life. Many arts state the histories of life and more. And photographing is one medium to understand those stories crisply. As it is one of the powerful media to tell stories of meaningful moments without any words. In the same way, display love and life also.

In this portfolio, one will witness the emotions of insight. As several emotions are disclosed in the state of happiness or painfulness. And the portrait photographs convey the same from their eyes expressions. Furthermore, the viewers will go through the godliness in the inner spirit. One of the famous plays done by the artist. Later the journey continues in Kolkata. To witness the “Glorious Dead Cenotaph”. It was built to honor the Indian Soldiers, who dedicated their lives to the country in the “First World War”. Moreover, there is a series of colorful black in the fashion section. And sooner, one will witness the ever-living beauty village in Ooty.

Pranesh, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

s pranesh coimbatore tamil nadu

Pranesh is from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He loves to explore the world. Henceforth, has completed his portfolio “The Tale of Imagination”. Moreover, he believes that traveling won’t change anything. But, change the thinking and perspective of one’s life. And through his frames, he wants to convey the awesome beauties of a single life. He has completed his Professional Diploma in Art of photography from the Creative hut Institute of Photography, Kerala, India.

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