Photography as a Career Option


Photography is the visual and a unique language understood by all. The field of Photography as in whole is so vast, that it’s referred to in many different names and types. In our last article, the Ultimate Guide to Photography: The Visual language, we have discussed what actually is Photography, and what are its types? and many more. If you haven’t read it yet, then we would request you to have a look at the same. Well, here, we are going to have an understanding of Photography as a Career Option. So, let’s begin.

Photography Career 

So, when you desire to be a photographer, the first thing that comes in your mind might be what are the career options in photography in India. You may also search for Photography as a career option after 12th or career in photography after 10th? We have an answer ready for you.

You don’t have to worry about career options in photography, as we have covered it for you.

The major career options in Photography in India

Career in Photojournalism

A unique kind of journalism where images are employed to deliver a story. Day by day this is gaining more and more importance. The ability to convey the emotions along with the story is an added ingredient. A photojournalist has the power to shape the data in any manner he wants to. The presentation of genuine content is a substantial factor.

Picture credits: Anoop Antony, Kerala

The objective is to capture the moment at the right place and time. Do make the viewers think that they are a part of it. Photojournalism is a theme that covers a broad area and is not at all confined.

Modes of Photojournalism

  • Media photojournalism
  • Street photojournalism
  • Portrait photojournalism
  • Event photojournalism

Media Photojournalism

Any information in the form of still images or motion pictures that conveys the details about a subject and that has a news value can be categorized under media photojournalism. It isn’t anything about the best composition, technical details or the beauty of the frame but it is all about witnessing an incident.

Careers in Photography ; Media journalism can be further classified into three based on the mode of transmission:

  • Print journalism – for the print media like newspapers, magazines, journals etc.
  • Video journalism – for television channels and can be anything related to news, sports, entertainment, infotainment etc.
  • Web journalism – solely for the journalism purposes over the internet. This can also be termed as online journalism.

Street Photojournalism

The kind of journalism that brings in front of the audience about the life in every nuke and corner of the world.

Portrait Photojournalism

Photographing people’s faces that talk about their emotions, feelings, situations, the status of mind etc. is the primary essence.

Duties as a Photojournalist

  • To deliver the genuine news.
  • To be at the right place at the right time.
  • Know about the current social scenario.

Event Photojournalism

The very common form of photojournalism, where different events are covered for a day-to-day reporting.

Qualifications to be a Photojournalist

  • One who is opting a career in photojournalism must have completed 10thand +2.
  • A degree in either of Journalism or Mass/Media Communication is preferred.
  • Must have done at least one year of photography course.
  • Street or portrait journalism requires a min of 10thpass as a basic qualification.
  • A person who has completed photojournalism can apply for jobs nothing less than at media publications.

The average salary for a photojournalist in India: 3,36,000 per year (28,000/-month)

Lens recommended: 24-70mm, 85mm, 70-200mm

Career in Wedding and Event photography

The mode of photography deals with the still or video coverage of an event that varies from wedding, baptism, birthdays, funerals, parties, engagements, award ceremonies, and other such functions. Furthermore, photography of guests and happenings at an event is the core objective.

Picture credits: Saravanan Ramasamy, Tamilnadu

Candid photography is one of the key weapons of the wedding photographers. At the same time, the responsibility involved in capturing once in a lifetime event is very high.

Duties as a wedding photographer

  • To be at the location much before the scheduled time.
  • Must be aware of the important people attending.
  • A proper know-how of the surroundings.
  • Knowledge about the list of events that are going to take place.
wedding photography

The framing of irreplaceable moments and turning them into pictures is what defines a wedding photographer.

Qualifications to be a wedding photographer

He/She needs a minimum of 12th completion. Higher qualifications make the job easy and convenient when it comes to job undertaking among people of higher standards. Well-built knowledge of editing software is a must. In addition to this and without any doubt, the proper lighting arrangement and the use of lighting accessories make the photographs more attractive and distinguished.

The average salary for a wedding photographer in India: 3,24,000 per year (27,000/- month)

Lens recommended: 24-70mm, 16-35mm Ultra Wide Angle Zoom, 70-200mm

Career in Product and Food Photography

As more and more advanced commodities are introduced daily into our market, the future scope of photography lies within here. Indeed, the competition for survival among the companies is getting tougher. On the other hand, the best way to win is to commercialize the product in the best possible manner.

Picture credits: Shubham S Bhave, Gujarat

Getting the finest details, proper use of lighting, determining the background, knowledge of camera angles, focus, and depth of field are the points to be considered. Commercial photography, E-commerce photography, Table-Top photography are some other names used today.

Duties as a product or food photographer

  • Deep knowledge of studio light and other lighting accessories.
  • Creative ideas for commercialization.
  • Proper awareness about the current market trends.

Qualifications to be a commercial photographer

Perfect knowledge in lighting and post-processing techniques is a necessity to be a commercial photographer. The completion of a certification course in photography and the minimum qualification required to apply for the course can get you a job as a commercial photographer.

The average salary for a commercial photographer in India : Rs.2,88,000 per year (Rs.24,000/- month)

Lens recommended: 24-105mm, 90mm or 100mm

Career in Fashion and Editorial Photography

The fashion industry is the backbone for many of the leading economic powers of the world. Celebrity photography is one that needs no further introduction. It is purely dedicated to enhancing the fashion outlook and other accessories associated with the fashion world.

Picture credits: Nadirsha, Kerala

Over the passage of time, the career in fashion photography has developed its unique way. Moreover, the terms that add-in with fashion photography are the beauty with clothes, models, accessories with the overrated use of new story-lines, exotic amazing locations, different camera angles, and techniques.

Duties as a fashion/editorial photographer

  • Should be aware of the latest trends in the fashion world.
  • Think about creative ideas for the best marketing purpose.
  • Must be able to keep a good relationship with other people especially the models coming in for the photoshoot

Qualifications to be a fashion photographer

  • As your skill in photography is being tested a professional degree or diploma in the art of photography is more than appropriate to pursue your career in fashion photography.
  • Communication skill is a must as you have to interact with a lot of people during the shoot.

The average salary for a fashion photographer in India: Rs. 3,24,000 per year (Rs.27,000/- month)

Lens recommended: 24-70mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70-200mm

Career in Wildlife Photography

Photographing wild animals in their natural habitats is something that involves a little bit of risk. Posing a threat to their own survival and a willingness to thrive any harsh conditions with a sheer passion for the natural fauna brings out the wildlife photographer in you.

Picture credits: Ronak Raj, Gujarat

One of our articles on Wildlife photography will give you a deep understanding of the career in Wildlife photography. Further, read An Ultimate Guide to Wildlife Photography and get focussed into the field.

Duties as a Wildlife Photographer

  • Should be ready to face any threats and dangers.
  • Coming up with any weather makes you a good wildlife photographer.
  • Do not care about the money you have to spend on safaris and other trekking rides.

Qualifications to be a wildlife photographer

  • Minimum knowledge about the behavior of the wild animals is the first thing.
  • Proper use of camera and ease in the change of settings should be handy.
  • Proper education in prestigious institute which teaches specially Wildlife & Nature.

The average salary for a wildlife photographer in India: Rs.2,52,000 per year  (Rs.21,000/- month)

Lens recommended: 100-400mm, 150-600mm, 70-300mm.

Career in Medical Photography

The documentation of medical and surgical procedures is not an easy job as one thinks it would be. Photography of medical equipment and the specimens need utmost care and attention.

Picture credits: Abin Alex, Kerala

Duties as a Medical photographer

  • To use the best of his knowledge in photography and in the medical field simultaneously.
  • Be the helping hand in case of any emergency.
  • Must be able to present the images say, one at the time of surgery in a pleasant way for the client.
  • Should not perform anything against the medical ethics.

Qualifications to be a Medical Photographer

  • Need to be a graduate (more likely to be in the medical field) so that he/she can have a minimum knowledge of the procedures.
  • Must be thorough with the photography techniques used exclusively in the medical photography.

The average salary for a medical photographer in India: 3,00,000 per year  (25,000/- month)

Lens recommended: 50mm, 18-135mm.

Career in Automobile Photography

The automobile sector is yet another boosting industry of the modern era. This photography delivers the latest updates in the body design, mechanics, and other features.

Picture credits: SANDEEP N KURUP, Kerala

Duties as an Automobile Photographer

  • Must be up-to-date with the automobile industry.
  • Should be able to think from the viewer’s point of view.
  • Awareness about the market trend and proper selling strategy must be applied.

Qualifications to be an Automobile photographer

  • Communicative skills, especially in the English language, is required.
  • A bachelor’s degree in either photography or photojournalism will do the rest of the job.
  • Maintaining a portfolio on automobile sector alone covering all the latest upgradations will be an added advantage.

The average salary for an automotive photographer in India:            2,64,000 per year (22,000/- month)

Lens recommended: 50mm, 18-55mm.

Career in Architecture and Interior Photography

Skilled techniques and use of specialized cameras make an architectural photographer stand out from the rest of the bloodline. The proper application of perspectives plays a significant role in here.

Picture credits: Vinay GM, Karnataka

Duties as an Architecture and Interior photographer

  • Customer satisfaction is of prior importance.
  • Awareness about the latest trends in design and construction.
  • Customer service skill is a worthy requirement.

Qualifications to be an Architecture and Interior photographer

  • A degree in photography is suggested as it may expand the career opportunities to a higher level.
  • Deep knowledge in editing techniques as the finest detailing of the image will be significant in the long run.

The average salary for an architecture and interior photographer in India: 2,88,000 per year (24,000/- month)

Lens recommended: 17mm, 24mm, 50mm, wide angle lenses, fisheye lenses.

Career in Travel and Nature Photography

The most trending form of photography on the internet and other social media sites. One who likes to travel and explore are the ones showing greater interest in this genre. Hence, travel photography is one of the best choices for those wishing to take photography as a career option.

Picture credits: Harivasanth, Tamilnadu

Duties as a Travel and Nature photographer

  • Should not disturb the nature in any possible manner.
  • Always respect the traditions and culture of the respective places in the way of your journey.
  • Avoid taking photographs that involves way too much risk to capture.
  • Social media presence is a must.

Qualifications to be a Travel and Nature photographer

  • An in-depth knowledge about the camera is more than what is required to be a travel and nature photographer.
  • Skills for communicating with people using signs and symbols is adequate.
  • And a Diploma or Certificate course which teaches the skills required for travel photography would be preferable.

The average salary a travel and nature photographer in India: Rs.2,16,000 per year (Rs.18,000/- month)

Lens recommended: 70-200mm, 50mm, 18-135mm, wide angle lenses, fisheye lenses.

Career in Sports Photography

A brisk and effective way of capturing is what sports photography demands. A sharp observative, quick and sharp person capable of capturing the on-field action and emotions is the

Picture credits: Ashik George Bastin, Kerala

Duties as a Sports photographer

  • Time management is a crucial factor.
  • Best Knowledge in the sports field is a must.
  • Should be up-to-date with the developments in technology as the industry is getting more and more competitive.
  • Most importantly, he or she must be good at instructing or following instructions.

Qualifications to be a Sports Photographer

  • A degree in photography or photojournalism is always preferred.
  • Basic knowledge of the sport and effective communication skills is a must.
  • Above all, he/she must be an active learner.

The average salary, a sports photographer in India: Rs.2,88,000 per year (Rs.24,000/- month)

Lens recommended: 70-200mm, 400mm.


So in this article, “Photography as a Career Option”, we have mentioned a few major careers in photography in India that one can choose. In the next article, we will guide you about the top 10 photography colleges in India.