As part of the Fine-art photography, here our author has shown some of her imaginations, what she looks in the sky through some abstract sky images. She calls it Up in the blue jungle.

Portraying Different Art

Likening life to clouds is something different. But, the sky is similar to our life due to the presence of clouds. Sometimes storm and thunder, remain calm and quiet. One could find these moving slowly and firmly. Moreover, each one of them seems to have a different shape and sizes portraying different art in it. Observe them and you could find a different picture in the canvas of the sky. Furthermore, through the new pages, we will see the stories of clouds which passed over the jungle. Clouds express whatever they see in that forest to the world in an abstract way.

Abstract photography is the walk away from all the rules and regulations.

The photographer is free enough to capture according to the wish of his mind. As it is a kind of experimental or conceptual photography, which we can’t immediately associate with objects in the real world. When we start to find any specialty in everything surrounding us, from that moment we start our real life. Walk in the path which no one has walked. Exploration of abstract photography through clouds is the objective of this blog.

The Cruel Hunter: Horrible and terrible sky I have ever seen in my life. The predator wolf was seeking prey
The Giant Grandpa: Started jungle journey with extinct species, Dinosaur
The Clever Swimmer: Dolphins are the cleverest creature in the ocean. Got a chance to see one jumping the ocean of sky
The Kings Of The Sky: Expecting sky lovers. Sky jungle really belongs to them…to the birds. Finally captured a portrait of an owl
The Slow-Man: It was creeping similar to the real world . Snail.. they are not going to change anything anywhere
The Real Competitor: Here comes the hero…Turtle. He may be creep slow , but his attitude is right. Keep going until you win
The Elegance of Beauty: Power of running makes the dust up… Literally that horse was flying
Running Master: It may be a run fast, but a lazy rabbit too. Those clouds make me remember the running race story
The Funny Piggy: Next one was a surprise. Never expect a pig in the sky . Real pig may be living in dirty surroundings, but sky pigs are neat and clean

Punnia Jones, Kozhikode, Kerala, India

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