Best Light Painting Photograph.

The photographer can be a great envoy of fantasy world. A photographer can capture the impossible through his/her artistic talent. The photographer becomes an artist and instead of capturing a photo as present, using best light painting technique we are creating an image that the camera is capturing.
For Light painting more than camera knowledge we need creative ideas and artistic talents. We can create an impossible or fantasy or our dreams in the real life by Light painting photography technique. But the total picture’s beauty is in the hand of light painter or artist.
Here are the 10 best light painting photographs done using tube light.
Picture credits: Ajay Kumar SA, Kerala.
Picture credits: Alan Jose, Kerala.
Picture credits: Aman John Thomas, Kerala.
Picture credits: Aman John Thomas, Kerala.
Picture credits: Anshul Sani, Shimla.
Picture credits: Arjun Raj, Kerala.
Picture credits: Basil, Kerala.
Picture credits: Govind Raj, Kerala.
Picture credits: Abhishek Dhupar, Punjab.
Picture credits: Bharathi S Murugan, Tamilnadu
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-Article by Bharathi S Murugan

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