Photography: Art or Science?

Is Photography art or Science?

There are very few people who don’t know how to prepare food. Creating an image is as same as the process of buying food materials and getting it ready as delicious food in front of you. When the same kind of food is consumed every day, it affects one’s taste. Similarly, if the subject of photography is not different, then it bores the viewers.
Imagine the cook as a photographer and the cooking vessel as the camera or the sensor.

Although you may use the same cooking pan to make the pancakes every time but it’s not at all necessary that all those pancakes are same. It somehow depends upon the intensity and volume of the flames coming from the burner. Sometimes the intensity of a flame or the lack of a cook’s concentration can cause the pancakes to be under cooked or even over-cooked and burned. Imagine the intensity of the flame as the shutter speed and the size of the metal pipe at the edge of the gas pipe providing the flame as an aperture.

A good image is almost like good food.

Good food is not just the consequence of cooking it in a good vessel; it is the cook’s ability and style.
Creating a good image is not just the result of the camera; it is the photographer’s decision, ability, and style.
Similar, to as there are so many such factors that affect the preparation of good food; there are a lot of factors that affect the making of a good image too.

The debate and talk on ‘Is Photography an art or science?’ has always been there from the beginning of photography. Instead of getting to the debate here, let us visualize a small example.

Imagine, your mother cooking food for you. Nothing would in fact stop you to taste it. Especially, When the food is presented in front of you in the form of a perfectly garnished dish. But, will the taste of the food would be the same if it’s cooked and prepared by someone else? The answer would be certainly no. The taste would be different, even though the process is the same. Just imagine, whether Cooking is an art or science?


Obviously, the cooking process is a science, and food is an art. The technical parts of cooking involve chemistry, mathematics, and physics. As a result, the art of cooking results in pleasing the eye, flavor to the food, and taste to the tongue.

Is photography skill or a talent?

Photography is both art and science. Processes of capturing photographs is science and the image which we are seeing is an art.

Skill is something doing with expertise and knowledge. To learn photography skills, one has to train oneself in many ways. Furthermore, learning the basics of photography like Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, composition, lighting, etc. will definitely help. Talent and skill work together for creativity.

Let us conclude,

is photography art or science

“The Invention and Process of Camera is Science, Whereas the Captured Photographs are an Art”


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