An Ultimate Guide to Travel Photography


Photography is a medium of communication and a combination of technology and art. Here, in an Ultimate Guide to Travel photography, we are really going to have the journey. Yes, the journey begins here by exploring all about Travel photography. We all would have wished or might have thought to visit some particular place at least once in our lifetime, right! Maybe because we have either liked those places or it might be out of our curiosity to know about that place.

You will be here knowing step by step namely what is travel photography, the scope and career in travel photography, the best travel photography courses and colleges, jobs and salaries, and essential equipment needed for travel photography.

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Travel Photography

For no doubt, we all love to have it in our various stages of life. Just image you are going for a visit to one of your Uncle’s home from your home town. Driving your car nearly 500 km and with your friends with you. Won’t you get down from the car at least every 2 hrs and enjoy that particular place and its surroundings? Will, you do not capture those lovely places and moments? Travelling gets more interesting when you enjoy those moments and cherish those in your memories in the form of beautiful images.

What is Travel?

The travel actually refers to the action of moving from one place to another of some length. The mode of traveling can be by roadways, railways, airways, and even waterways. You experience a different feeling when the mode changes. For instance, it is totally different when it’s through walking, motorcycles, car, bus, train, airplanes, boat or ship, etc.

Some do believe that travel is about the fact of how long one has moved from one place to another, namely the length of the journey. While some others believe that, travel is all about how good you have

What is Travel Photography?

Travel Photography is one of the genres in photography where one can fulfill their two wishes together. Yes, you read it correctly. Photography and Travelling. It is where you showcase or document different places with the landscapes, people, their culture, livelihood, lifestyle, and many more.

travel photographer

“The World is just like a Large Book. Those who do not Travel would have probably always read-only one Page.”

It is to mention that Travel photography plays a huge role in knowing the different parts of the world. In fact, it keeps us most of the time filled with adventurous journeys, risks, and thrills.

Types of Travel Photography

The best travel photography is always capable of establishing the reality of the place. Moreover, it brings in the feeling to the viewers as they themselves were there in that particular place at that particular moment. Further, we will be knowing more about how to make successful travel photography, what are the techniques used in it, and why Travel Photography is so prominent.

Actually, Travel Photography includes all the photography that comes during your journey from starting point to the destination place. For instance, whether it’s people, animal, place, thing or food, etc… and even anything that comes in the way.

Let’s see, some of the types of photography. It includes Landscape Photography, Architecture Photography, Street Photography, People and Culture Photography, Food Photography, Documentary Photography, and Wildlife Photography.

Nature and Landscape Photography

The most pleasing and attractive photograph that one acquires during their travel photography is the Landscape photography with its natural background. Apart from the technical settings in travel photography, it also demands for good composition. Some would try the composition with Rule of Thirds concept in mind while there are occasions where the composition in Golden Ratio excellently.

landscape travel photography

People and Culture Photography

If you ever think of a place anywhere in the world, you would surely come up with several thoughts. For instance, about the people residing there, their lifestyles, their clothing, the food they eat, and many more, etc… In addition to this, how can we forget about the culture of the people over there? Hence, comes the people photography where all these are reflected in the images.

people and culture travel photography

Architecture Photography

The buildings, historic places, monuments, museums, abstract buildings, the textures, all of these, and more come our way during the journey of travel photography. Whether its day with shining light or filled with clouds or blue sky or even in the low light, all make a different result. Photographers always find the various features of architecture through their images.

architecture travel photography

Wildlife Photography

During some of our journeys, we come across wild animals, and birds by chance. Usually, professional photographers have a pre-planning for wildlife photography and visit their destination purposefully. While a travel photographer intends in exploring the various locations. Hence, in such situations, some places are found with not only people but also with the wild-lives. With this in intention, although if the person is not a wildlife photographer, he or she gets all set and ready with the necessary camera equipment for the same.

travel photography of wildlife

Just go through our article on An ultimate guide to Wildlife photography and the know the wonderful aspect of wildlife photography.

Street and Documentary Photography

Obviously, every place is not the same. And will not give the same images every time even if you visit the same location number of times. Now, think of a street that you have seen earlier some months back. Even though it is still available there, you won’t get the same things as before.

The experience in street photography is something that one finds difficult to compare with the just previous street photographs. Because of its differences, it’s unique.

The Uses of Travel Photography

Travel Photography plays a vital role in various other areas or sessions. For example, in education, in bringing awareness, giving information, entertainment, and also in tour and tourism. When the relevant images in addition to its information is provided, the effect and the result is remarkable.

One of the prime factors for revealing and expressing the unknown facts about many things around the world is because of photographs being captured. And many of those are the ones acquired and cherished during ones travel.

As such travel photographs are been used in many important streams. Without which knowledge about the place, people over there, their lifestyle can be hardly known to other parts of the world.

The larger world has lots of things to show. We being in the digital world, love to travel different places leaving back all our stress and pressure of work. The memorable travel photographs become a treasure in all such situations.

Where are Travel Photographs being used?

Disclosing the unknown or expressing the reality and facts of the place, people, and things are some of the purposes that come out from Travel photography. The main aim of travel photography is to create awareness or showing the unexposed places. So, it is used in all kinds of educational purposes, travel, and tourism departments.

Moreover, the travel photographs are also much helpful for some of the government departments or agencies that work for Government projects, welfare organizations, etc… Also, the media, newspaper, magazines, books, social media, has a huge requirement for travel photographs. After all, these media would fail to express and impress the viewers, readers, and audiences without these images.

Travel Photographer

It would be simply meaningless to mention here the definition of “Who is a Travel Photographer?”. The moment you got to know “what is travel photography?” and “what are the types of travel photography?”, you would have undoubtedly made up your mind with who will be called as a travel photographer. Of course, the one who takes photographs of all or any of the above-mentioned types of photography by traveling from one place to another.

But, you must not get confused about the terms “Traveler” and “Travel Photographer.” A traveler aims to travel to different places, irrespective of the length of the traveling distance. Whereas, a travel photographer aims in photography for which he or she needs to travel to different places.

The Role of a Travel photographer

A travel photographer needs to be always ready to explore new destinations. They need to sometimes follow an adventurous life and face new challenges and risks. Despite all these, they are the ones who learn first about any place and then let others know about it. Indeed they witness the most of any place during the journey until they reach the destination.

A Travel Photographer has the power to make many things possible. The unlimited bunch of travel photographs by any photographer is considered to be the milestones.

Best Travel Photographers

There are many legendary photographers who have made a remarkable impression through their work in this category. Either as a Landscape Photographer or Documentary Photographer or Architecture Photographer. Some do it for their passion or some do as their profession.

Here are some of the best Travel Photographers who considered as inspirations to the beginners or armatures. Their works and contributions has been a medium for expressing their vision too to the world.

  • Chris Burkard
  • Steve McCurry
  • Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi
  • Mattia Passarini
  • Yasmin Mund
  • Art Wolfe
  • Bill Bradshaw

How do I become a Professional Travel Photographer?

Basically, photography is an art of visual storytelling. To make travel photography as a profession, you need to have more patience and should work hard till the end. Because that patience and hard work are the two important factors, that will surely help you to become a professional. Here are some of the tips to become a travel photographer,

Travel Photography Education

Develop the basic knowledge about photography
Each photographer should have a clear idea and should know about the fundamentals of photography. As well as should also have a basic camera and gear knowledge.

Completing Professional Photography Education
The Photography Educations help a photographer to know in detail regarding photography and act wisely in the field. So, getting proper photography education is essential.

Improve Editing Skills
A good photograph is valued by its presentation. Editing plays a vital role in this. Hence, it is worth to learn and apply the editing skills.

Equipment and Skills

Get proper Camera Gears and Accessories
A wrong combination of gears and accessories can destroy the entire journey of travel photography. A photographer needs to have a proper selection of cameras and suitable equipment as per once comfort and need.

Apply Marketing Strategy
Here, marketing strategy doesn’t merely mean about selling one’s photographs. Rather, marketing skills also mean to make your ideas, and views reach others through your photographs. To establish our works, marketing either online or offline plays a major role.

Improve observation and research skills
Observation is the most required basic skills that might make a photographer different from others. Our deep observation around us and the presence of mind while we go out to a location, really adds benefit in our photographs. On the other hand, research on our location or field of visit makes us to pre-plan the traveling as well as our photography.

Final Approach and Efforts

Choose proper platform
A good work is always praised when it makes an impact on the viewers. It may be one image from hundred of several images that you have capture in one particular travel photography. Magazines, online websites, media etc., likewise there are many medium through which we can reach the audience. So, it is necessary to have knowledge regarding technologies and facilities available and making use of it.

Hard work
Patience and hard work are two essential factors for any work or job. Whether you work independently or under a company. If you are capable of working hard and have patience definitely you too can make a great impact through your work. and reach great heights.

Additional Skills required to become a Travel photographer

Even though if you have knowledge about camera and photography, editing, and another technical part. There are some of the other basic skills that are necessary to become a professional photographer. They are,

  • Creative thinking
  • Presence of mind
  • Self-confident
  • Perseverance
  • Acceptance of surrounding
  • Observation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Getting out from your comfort zone

Physically and Mentally should be ready

As we all know that to fit into any job, we have to be healthy both physically and mentally. He or she to be well prepared for any journey at any time.

Ready to handle situations

Each situation will be different from others. A photographer should be capable of handling situations wisely. A travel photographer needs to be ready to face every challenge as per the stress and pressure of work, etc… Since we don’t exactly know what the situation will be all through our journey.

While one is traveling, it is very obvious that one must be ready to face varied situations. Although the skill to tackle problems and situations is not added as one of the skills. But, it is one of the factors necessary which improves by every journey.

Whatever your subject is, either the still subjects such as architecture, landscapes, or the moving expressive faces; one has to take care of getting the best outcome from it.

Travel Photography Courses

There are various photography courses available for different duration and structures. Whereas the completely dedicated travel photography courses are offered by very few reputed colleges around the world. Some of them offer certificate courses while a few others offer degree and diploma courses in travel photography. This degree in photography provides the most comprehensive training for someone serious about this profession.

What education do you need to be a travel photographer?

First of all, education is important for any profession. To become a travel photographer basic education of +2 and need to join any Photography colleges for Diploma in Travel Photography Course. Knowledge, education, and information are the most important things for one who needs to be a professional photographer. Photography education is no different. The next step in travel photography education is to start learning and researching about various different places. It indeed creates interest in you to know more and makes you internally confident to capture the best during your travel.

travel photography courses in india

The basic requirement for education is the willingness to come forward and get ready to learn things.

Since after taking photographs from various other places, you need to establish your work to the audience. Hence, education for editing, digital marketing is so much important. Knowing more about various genres and types of travel photography, allows one to accept the essential skills, tips, tricks and develop one working skills.

Travel Photography Courses After 12th

Course LevelDiploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Basic, Advanced, and Foundation
Popular CoursesProfessional Diploma In Travel Photography
Eligibility+2, High School Graduate, Degree
Admission ProcessThrough direct application at the colleges/Online through portals
Course FeeVaried
Colleges/Institutes/Websites Providing the course (whichever applicable)Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala
Job ProspectsVaried
Average Salary2.5- 3 Lakhs

Is travel photography a good career?

Well, travel photography can be an ideal career path. This is one of the most upcoming non-traditional careers these days. Travel photography offers many career opportunities that will guide you and your camera to endless adventures around the world.

Different Courses in Travel Photography

Requirements for photographers vary as per the field and industry. Some may require only a high school diploma or equivalent, others may require additional training or an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Photographers often start their careers as interns, assistants, or related positions gaining experience as they move on learning.

The extent of the education you need to be a photographer may depend largely on your goals in the field. Good technical abilities, knowledge of equipment, and in-field experience.

  • Certificate Course in Photography is a few months course
  • Professional Diploma in Travel Photography is a one year course
  • PG Diploma in Travel Photography is a one year course
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts is a three years course

Best Travel Photography Colleges

There are limited colleges around the world that provides complete education related to travel photography. Hence, choose wisely, which photography course would fulfill your requirements and needs. Creative Hut Institute of Photography Provides one year Professional Diploma in Travel Photography.

Job opportunities in Travel Photography

Travel Photography offers a broad range of potential career opportunities in many areas. From working as a photojournalist or a media correspondent to a blogger, etc… There are plenty of ways to combine your love for traveling with photography if you have got passion, determination, and talent.

Travel Photography Jobs

  • Travel Photographer
  • Freelance Photographer
  • Photojournalist
  • Destination Wedding Photographer
  • Resort Photographer
  • Travel Blogger
  • Travel and Tourism Departments
  • The Travel Magazines
  • Online Travel Websites

If you are creative minded and if you have the motivation to turn your dream into reality. Now more than ever there is huge need for strong photographic content and images. Indeed these make an impact on various career options.

How to make Income as a Travel Photographer?

The professional photographer is mostly said to be the one who makes income over his particular category of work. Here are some of the tips to make an income,

  • Selling stock photography
  • Selling photos to magazines, tourism boards etc…
  • Different assignments
  • Advertising and or publishing house
  • Blogging/vlogging
  • Selling printed photographs
  • Freelancing as clients needs
  • Online courses
  • In-person workshops

What is travel photography salary?

As a Photographer during the early stages, it is obvious that the earning will be less. Our continuous efforts, help us to prove our self with our effective photography works. And thus, the income increases gradually.

A Travel Photographer can earn an average of Rs. 7,000 to Rs 18,000 per month or project at the beginning according to the work and platform one selects for earning. It can be gradually increased if we work completely with passion. Some individuals even earn Rs.50,000 per month because of their work quality. Maybe not every single month. But, on average Rs.25000/ per month or project depending upon your work.

Scope of Travel Photography

When one gets to know more about certain places, its people, their lifestyles, its history, culture, religion, food, architecture, and monuments. Then it indeed helps you to get the idea of the subject while one is in the field.

During the trip, when we go to various places we should always respect the people, their land and all the surrounding for what and how they are.

travel photography requirements

As a travel photographer, your each trip to another destination should have an aim.

Travel Photography Tips and Tricks

Also, keep in mind that all the gears and camera accessories are valuable assets, so keep things safe and sound. While going for a trip make sure to have sufficient and proper hard disk and memory cards. Always keep the camera with you as easy access for grabbing it and taking pictures as soon as possible. Such that you won’t miss single wonderful frames and actions. While going to some common and famous places, try to avoid crowds so that you can get a better perspective.

  • Find a niche or specialty
  • Invest in good camera gear and equipment
  • Be flexible, travel photography requires commitment
  • Try to apply the knowledge gained through photography education
  • May research on the possible subjects before taking images
  • Always carry a notepad or notebook or anything that enables you to note the important facts
  • Improve observation quality
  • Have respect for everything around you
  • Always have your camera with you
  • Maintain presence of mind
  • Be creative and bring-up own style

Travel Photography Equipment

  • Perfect Camera Body
  • Lens and Equipment
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • Telephoto Zoom Lens
  • Prime Lens
  • Drone, not compulsory
  • Memory Card
  • Camera Batteries
  • Rain Cover
  • Travel Tripod
  • Lens Filters
  • Hard Disk
  • Lens ball for some creative shots
  • Camera and lens cleaning kit
  • LED or Torch Lights

Some of the Best Cameras for Travel Photography

  • Nikon Z50
  • Canon EOS R
  • Sony a6400
  • Fujifilm X100F
  • GoPro Hero7 Black
  • DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Travel Photography Guide

As a travel photographer, your each trip to another destination should have an aim. Its not only about the landscape. In fact, its a full package comprising people and culture, architecture, street, lifestyle, food and any kind of photography possible there. Once you return from the trip and go through your images, you would definitely feel a complete satisfaction.

A professional photographer of any genre requires proper knowledge about photography and should develop creative skill to make uniqueness. As the words from Herry Miller states,

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” 

An Ultimate guide to travel photography is an effort to provide the sufficient information and details in this field. In the hope that it may provide our readers with the necessary skills, education, job opportunity, salary details, how to make a career, and to earn income out of it.


Which is the best travel photography course?

The course that can provide all the essential factors needed to master in travel photography would be the best travel photography course. Fundamentals of Photography, travel photojournalism, video journalism, digital image editing, photo and video editing, visual aesthetics, digital marketing, travel photography tours and portfolio. One year professional diploma in travel photography is the best option as it it covers all the above in their course curriculum.

Photography Career In India

Which is the best travel photography college?

The specialization in Travel Photography is offered by very rare colleges in the World. Creative Hut Institue of Photography offers one year Professional Diploma In Travel Photography.

How do I become a travel photographer?

Develop the basic knowledge about photography
Acquire Professional Photography Education
Improve Editing Skills
Getting proper Camera Gears and Accessories
Awareness on Marketing Strategy
Improve observation and research skills
Choose proper platform
Work hard with dedication, commitment, and creativity
View to know how can one become a Photographer?


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