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Birds are the oldest and most early organisms on the planet. They are the most beautiful and admirable creatures on the face of the earth.

Flying avians, like I described in prior pictures. The posing avians have different styles. When a bird is standing on a branch or leaving its nest, their expressions and poses can be quite striking.

The Indian government recognised 1364 bird species inside the Republic of India’s political boundaries as of 2021, including living and recently extinct species, with 81 of them being indigenous to the country.

The Peacock’s Tale

Peacocks are magnificent creatures that belong to the bird family. They have distinctive characteristics. The tail plumage of peacocks takes three years to develop.

Indian rollers are small and well-built. They are widespread in western Asia and India. Asian Green Bee-eater with emerald green plumage. It eats little bees. and some of the birds like Weavers, eagles, sunbirds, etc.

Birds are good at posing.  Having the opportunity to capture their moments and the natural style of their artistic expression is truly a wonderful experience.

From different places, I got different birds. With my camera, I captured a variety of species, including pelicans, eagles, little birds, and water birds.

female peacock hi mr peacock-paladugu rajasekhar andhrapradesh creativehut

Female Peacock: Hi Mr Peacock.

male peacock hi mrs peacock-you looks so beautiful paladugu rajasekhar andhrapradesh creativehut

Hi Mrs Peacock you look beautiful.

male peacock i need to impress her paladugu rajasekhar andhrapradesh creativehut

I need to Impress her.

male peacock i will impress her with my dance paladugu rajasekhar andhrapradesh creativehut

I will Impress her with my Dance.

indian roller my colors are bright paladugu rajasekhar andhrapradesh creativehut

Indian Roller: My Colors are bright.

purple rumped sunbird i like sucking nectar from flowers paladugu rajasekhar andhrapradesh creativehut

Purple-rumped Sunbird: I like sucking nectar from flowers.

weavers my possession is architecture paladugu rajasekhar andhrapradesh creativehut

Weavers: My profession is architecture.

white bellied woodpecker i like to drill trees paladugu rajasekhar andhrapradesh creativehut

White-bellied Woodpecker: I like to drill trees.

asian green bee eater i am-small-but wild paladugu rajasekhar andhrapradesh creativehut

Asian Green Bee Eater: I am small but wild.

spizaetus i can see the unseen paladugu rajasekhar andhrapradesh creativehut

Spizaetus: I can see the unseen.

red whiskered bulbul look-at my hair style paladugu rajasekhar andhrapradesh creativehut

Red Whiskered Bulbul: Look at my hair style.

spot billed pelican i can fly i can swim paladugu rajasekhar andhrapradesh creativehut

Spot Billed Pelican: I can fly, I can swim.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Paladugu Rajasekhar, Guntur , Andhrapradesh  Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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