The Luscious Spices of India


Spices are originated from India for ages. These are otherwise known as “masala” which are the heartbeat of an Indian kitchen. Apart from that, it doesn’t mean, they are used to make food fry hot. But, also used to flavor the flood, making each dish unique and wonderfully sweet-smelling. Through, this blog one will get the idea of capturing the luscious spices as product photography.

top-10-tasty -foods
Savor colors: The combination of spices colors

Each luscious spices by itself imparts a very unique flavor, when used with other species. As different combinations change the individual characteristics.

Ayurvedic Spices: Spices are also used for health benefits
Bloodshot Chilly: The Queen of Spices

Every country has its own traditional way of cooking with the different species. But, the difference is that, western cuisines can be blend any flavors. Besides, Indian cuisines possess authentic power of taste .

Smell Addiction: Surely you will get addicted after smelling these spices

Henceforth, they are unto the therapeutic values also. Here I have shown a few basic spices uses widely in India. As there are many more, and some of them might be used only meanly.

Different Combination: Different mixture for change the mood
Fresh Aromatic: It is useable for getting freshness.
The Common Taste: The basic spices of the kitchen
Change The Flavor: Get together of many tastes.

All together, India makes a perfect blend of delicious aroma, unique color, amazing flavor, and heavenly feel. To rephrase it, one have to be aware its own nation’s important things. In order, to photograph its authentic and historic things.

Photographs & Text by Mayank Tyagi.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Mayank Tyagi. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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