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Triumph Of Indian Architecture – Illustration of Vijayanagara Empire


The temples of India have the main attraction all around the world because of its architectural style. As architecture is an ancient science, sacred, and authentic in our country. Furthermore, there are some famous historic temples in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and in other parts of India. This reminds us of our past and the architectural brilliance of craftsmen in those days.

Now, in order to cherish these aesthetic structures and pass onto the next generation. Correspondingly, genres of photography got introduced. And architectural photography is perfect to shot the architect’s work. As it shed light on the curvatures and also the relation between the human’s construction and environment.

Belur by anshul sani
Fascinating Sculpture: An amazing art of sculptures at Belur Temple.

The Architecture of India shows the ritual and rich culture. The devotion of people shows that they have true faith in god. Furthermore, to keep that spirit in God, people made temples for worship. And it’s difficult to believe that people in ancient times made such historic architecture. And to bring that piece of art into the limelight, today we will go through the famous architects of Karnataka. This article is about the architectural photography of the Vijayanagara Empire and some glimpses of Belur, Halibidu, and Somnathpur Temples.

architectural photography by anshul sani
Kshava Temple: The temple was built by Somanatha in 1268 AD.

Vijayanagara Empire was famous for its rich heritage. Apart from that, it emerged as one of the most powerful kingdoms in Peninsular India. This empire not only fostered Hinduism but also facilitated arts and culture to attain pinnacles. Moreover, UNESCO had taken over this ruined site presently known as Hampi. Furthermore, Belur and Halebidu are built in the 12th century of the Hoysala Empire. And Somnathpura in 1268 CE under Hoysala Empire King III. These architects not only depicts the magnificent sculptures, skilled manpower, and dedication but also showcase the divine knowledge of epics and histories in chronological order. So, lets just time travel through the old ruins of our country:

temple by anshul sani
Chennakeshava Temple: This temple took 103 years to finish.
hindu art by anshul sani
Iconography of Hindu Art: This temple was made in 12th century by Vishnuvardhana
perspective by anshul shani
Perspective Look: This temple is situated in Belur.

Words are not enough to express our admiration for certain things. That’s why architectural photography got established. As our world wouldn’t stop at any particular type of civilization. So, it is the duty of the future generations to protect the ancient architecture. Besides, if willed by modern technology, these structures can’t be rebuilt. Henceforth, these are the future preferences whatever happened in the past.

Photographs & Text by Anshul Sani.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Anshul Sani. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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