Product Photography Course

One Year Professional Diploma
In Food, Jewellery and Product Photography
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Nurture Your Eye for Product Photography

The field of Product photography is developing rapidly. In fact, the increase in the commercial marketing of various businesses online and offline has given a wide scope for this industry. Product photography has a demanding and ever-changing market that grows up with new trends in the industry. Here, the product photography course in India is aimed at giving useful practical information to the candidates. As a result, it enables one to take better photos as per the concept, product, and company or client requirements.


What are you going to learn?
  • Foundation of Photography
  • Language of Lighting
  • Visual Language and Aesthetics
  • Advertising Photography
  • Studio Photography
  • Table Top Photography
  • Art of Food Photography
  • Catalogue design & Editing
  • Language of Communication
  • Commercial Videography
  • Professional Portfolio
  • Career Guidance
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Admission Open for 2021 – 2022 batch. The class starts from August 2021.

Our one-year product photography course aims in providing our students with the principles of Product, Jewellery, and Food Photography. Indeed, this course is meant for all those who wish to explore in the commercial field of product and food photography.

Creative Hut, considered as one of the best Photography Colleges in India offers photography courses that have hands-on practices for every candidate. Hence, you will be more engaged with creative and informative assignments and projects. Furthermore, you will have study and fun altogether.

Therefore, this course is a great opportunity to enhance your photography and lighting skills, under the guidance of our experienced mentors.


The Product Photography course at the creative hut institute is designed to enable our students to frame and compose the product with proper light and concept.

The innovative class sessions cover composition and lighting techniques, the technical aspects of photography, and an overview of studio equipment. In addition to camera settings, you will get a deep understanding of the lightings of the product through practical shoots.

Finally, you will achieve confidence in shooting even at home,  studio environment,  natural light, and artificial light. Furthermore, you will also gain the techniques to market your images, blog, and or website, commercially.


Understanding the basics of digital photography and DSLR camera settings are the key factors of this module. Hence, here you learn to control the important features namely exposure, color, color temperature, focus, and Depth of field.

Principle And Anatomy Of Camera And Lens

  • Part I: Types of DSLR Cameras and accessories
  • Part II: Types of Lenses, Focus and DOF
  • Part III: Exposure Settings and Metering Modes
  • Part IV: Colour Control and Color Temperature
  • Part V: Camera Calibration and other settings


As a matter of fact,  the best lighting effects are important for product and food photography.  The topics covered in this session are lighting, using flash, strobes, natural light, etc… Further, the sessions also include how to control and balance the light, use of other equipment to modify the light and meter the light.

Understanding of Photography Lighting

Part I: Science of Light:
Firstly, students are taught about the quality of light and the direction of light. Thereafter, you learn how to meter light, the difference between hard light and soft light, and using constant light/flash.

Part II: Sources of light:
Secondly, you understand here the different sources of light for photography. Practical sessions of photography under natural light, artificial light, strobes, etc… are carried out here.

Part III: Modifying the Light:
Finally, you learn to modify and shape your light. The session covers the use of umbrellas, softboxes, backgrounds, props, diffusers, and reflectors etc… In fact, students here learn to handle light accessories, lighting gear, and studio lighting kits.

Part IV: Moods of Light:
Above all, here you understand the product and creatively create different moods for the frame with light.


Creativity is an art that can not be taught. But it can be developed with regular practices. Obviously, visual understanding of images and portraying the same for commercial purposes is an art.

Here students work on visually, forming an idea before shooting. These creative ideas helps them to develop better product photography concepts. Therefore, the essential topics covered in this module include the factors responsible for visual literacy.

  • Colour Theory
  • Design Elements
  • Design Principles
  • Rules of Composition
  • Application of Semiotics

A wide opportunity of advertising photography is growing worldwide. Hence, the challenges, the current trends, and the strategies are even more. As a result, you need to prepare yourself and get ready with technical proficiency and creative approach.

Students are engaged here, with the concepts of advertising, understanding the business of advertising, knowledge of branding, logo and color combination as it applies to advertise.

  • Part I: Different types of Advertisement Photography
  • Part II: Different backgrounds & backdrops for your product images
  • Part III: Different styles to shape products effectively as per ads

Here you will emerge with the confidence to work as an innovative and creative photographer in the advertising and commercial industries.


In particular, this session is all about photographing products in-studio set-ups. As practiced in most of the commercial and online companies, studio photography has a great scope. Therefore, here students will be more engaged with different techniques of the product photography on studio settings.

The main focus of this course module includes:

  • Setting up studio settings for product photography
  • Using a tripod, strobes, and flash
  • Use softboxes, reflectors, and diffusers
  • Avoiding shadows and get perfect shots on white background
  • Photograph objects on reflective surfaces
  • Different lighting styles for different products

Students are here involved with the understanding of table-top photography, different settings for table-top shoots, best lighting effects and set-ups for table-top product photography.

In particular, this module is designed to make the students achieve the techniques and creatively apply the same for different product photography. The use of a tripod, setting up a studio, setting studio lights and accessories are practiced here. The key factor is that the product needs to be placed over a table.

You learn to shoot against the white background, black background, using a colored background, etc… Further, you also learn how to use specialist equipment to enhance the images, with reflectors, diffusers, and speedlites, etc…


Introduction to Food Photography

Students learn the principles of shooting different kinds of food and analyze trends of Food Photography. You specifically understand different foods and their textures. Accordingly, understand how to use different lighting styles in food photography.

The other key factor is obviously the technical settings. The assignments here engage students to achieve apt camera and light settings as well as use post-processing the images to improve photos.

  • Different lenses best for food photographs
  • Different backdrops and settings for food photography
  • Various use of enhancing food images

Students here learn and practice the growing trend of extreme close-up photography and macro photography of food. Further, the study continues with identifying the challenges of Food Photography, and the ways to resolve them. Especially you also learn to style your different food for best food photography shots.

  • Part I: Cooked Foods
  • Part II: Raw Foods
  • Part III: Fruits and Vegetables
  • Part IV: Fast Foods
  • Part V: Liquid Food Items

The post-production work, retouching, image manipulation, photo editing, and designing are the highlight topics of this module. Students are introduced to the editing and designing software generally used in the professional field.

Further, regular practices enable students to edit and design the product photographs as per the purpose and concept. Color correction, editing out unwanted elements, cropping, selecting and cutting out product onto a different background etc… are also included here.

Finally, students are assigned individual projects on various product photography in terms of commercial purposes.

  • Part I: Catalogue Design
  • Part II: Magazine Design

The commercial and advertising field of product and food photography demands knowledge of the language and pleasing communication skills. No matter, whether it is written communication or verbal communication. Your product photographs need to be reached to a wider audience.

To interact with your clients and understand their requirements as well as to showcase your amazing product photographs to the world, the internationally known language of communication is necessary. Taking this into consideration, our course includes the study of the English language.

Part I: Article writing
Part II: Blog writing
Part III: Face to face communication
Part IV: Indirect communication

This session obviously, enhances one’s knowledge in the language to better writing and speaking skills.


Photography of products at locations indoor as well as outdoor not only adds the company’s brand but also fascinates the clients towards it. Similarly, the videography trend has a great influence on the commercial industry.

Most noteworthy, here students equally enjoy the power of videography. And hence they are engaged in the making of short ad films, promo videos, and videos for commercial branding of the product. The video editing, mixing the same with audio and music makes the session more energetic.

Part I: Short Videos
Part II: Promo Videos
Part III: Ad Films

Hereafter, students gain the confidence to handle various product and food photography projects.


The final portfolio of each student will comprise of the best photographs captured under the following categories. The making and the submission of the portfolio are termed by the institute.

  • Product Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Commercial Photography

Equally, the portfolio in the form of the video also needs to be submitted by each student. The commercial videography for products and advertisements will the key factor of such a video portfolio.

  • Ad film
  • Video Catalogue
  • Commercial video

The online, e-commercial, and digital trend has increased the scope of product photography. The opportunities are wide and at the same time the competition too.

The placement assistance program helps our students to know the field opportunities much better. The possible career options after this course for Product photography are as mentioned below.

  • Product Photographer
  • Advertising Photographer
  • Food Photographer
  • Commercial Photographer
  • Jewellery Photographer
  • Table-top Photographer
  • Photo Editor
  • Photo/Catalogue Designer
  • Ad / Commercial Videographer

The Institute does not take any responsibility for Placement. We do not offer any jobs.


Professional Photography Course Program fees Include Tuition Fees, Food and Accommodation in the campus, Uniform, GST, etc…

  • Program Fees: Rs.383500/-
  • Refundable Caution Deposit: Rs.10000/
  • Easy Payment Schedule:
Registration Fees : Rs.6555/- (At the time of Admission)
1st Payment Section : Rs.155295/-
2nd Payment Section : Rs.70000/- 
3rd Payment Section : Rs.102060/-
4th Payment Section : Rs.59590/-


All the taxes and charges imposed by the Government from time to time are applicable to the fees and are to be compulsorily paid by each student.  The above-mentioned fees are including GST 18% and 1% Kerala Flood cess. Further, any changes that may be imposed by the Govt., will be added and needs to be paid by the students additionally. National & International Photography tour costs will be extra.


How to Join for Professional Travel Photography Course?

Applying for photography admission is easier than you think. You may follow the Online Procedure or Offline Procedure. For any of these procedures, just complete four simple steps and launch your future in the art of photography.

Admission for Photography Course 2021

Step 1: Know your Course and Gurukul
The first step in joining our family is to meet or have a telephonic conversation or Whatsapp chat with our Admission Counsellor/faculty, who will introduce you to our Gurukulam culture, eco-friendly campus and study structure. Firstly, we need to understand why you want to do a course and what you expect from the Institute?  Secondly, we will help you determine if this particular course and CREATIVE HUT is the right fit for you.

Step 2: Apply your Name
Candidate need to submit the filled application form with their below details either directly to the institute office or send an email to admission@creativehut.org
Copy of candidate’s 10th Certificate & Marksheet Copy of candidate’s anyone valid id-address proof (Aadhar card/Voters Id/Driving license etc..)
Copy of any other qualification certificate (if available)

Step 3: Payment of Registration Fees
Once your documents are received and verified by the institute, you will then need to pay the non-refundable registration fees. Thus, an amount of Rs.6500/ + 1% cess needs to be paid either directly to the institute office or through NEFT/ net banking/ DD, etc… Please note that Institute Bank details will be provided to the candidate on request.

Step 4: Seat Confirmation
Finally, when you are with the above three steps, your seat is registered for the upcoming batch. You now become part of Creative Hut and will receive a Confirmation Letter. Finally, get ready with your tools and gearbox to shift to your new home.


Any candidate with a minimum qualification of 10th or  12th or +2 or any diploma or any graduation or any post-graduation from any state or central Board is eligible for the course.

Further, to join the course for the upcoming batch, kindly follow the registration or admission procedure.

Firstly, you may visit the institute for more details. At the same time, you may complete the admission procedure too.

Or you may follow the admission procedure online on the Apply Now page.


Creative Hut provides food and hostel to all its students and faculties on the campus. In fact, Creative Hut follows a Gurukul way of learning. Therefore, students and faculties stay in one campus area.

An eco-friendly campus with best-staying facilities and fresh food is made available for all creative hut students and teachers. These facilities are available during the course of study.  Our students are the pillars of the Creative Hut family. And henceforth, we take maximum care to provide these facilities even after the course duration that is for alumni too.

The first thing to remember is that Creative Hut offers a residential course only. Therefore total fees for the course cover the food and accommodation cost. Hence, no extra fees are applied for the same.



abhisheck biswas

Abhishek Biswas Photographer Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

“The word we call home, it means safety, family and rest. Yes we got safety, family but no rest because here, work is worship and sir never compromise with worship. This was my best experience with new peoples from different states how we became friends family.

ebin pj

Ebin PJ Photographer Ernakulam, Kerala

“Creative hut institute of photography helped me to be successful in life and my photography. It not only helped me to focus on my dreams but also the gurukulam way of learning helped me in developing my character.”

ashik george bestin

Ashik George Bastin Official Photographer Kerala Blasters Football Club

“Creative Hut has helped me to grow & reach where I am right now. It’s an honor to Study under such great personalities. Thank you for the opportunity.”


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