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Where Are Our Alumni?

In the beginning, the question arises on how to become a photographer? And thereafter pursuing the professional photography course here, our alumni photography students are exposed to wide opportunities as their photography careers. Here, we bring forth you the experiences that they had in Creative Hut. Going through this session, you will get to know their learning experiences, their campus life, their residential life, the experience and fun they had during different tours, trips, exhibitions, and shoots, etc…

Our Students Come first

They are Our Pillars

We are pleased to introduce our students and alumni where each one of them is the strong pillars of Creative Hut. Some of them became the part of Creative Hut family much earlier during the establishment of the institute when our institute was just like a new plant. And they continue to maintain the relation and the position of being the elder most member of the family. Creative Hut is now a growing tree and day by day, year by year, the family is increasing. The feedbacks from our students & alumni as well as our photography college reviews from them and their parents have always encouraged us.


Vishnu VijayakumarCinematographerThiruvananthapuram, Kerala

“Target of this institute is not only to make successful photographers but also make great human beings through Gurukulam way of learning. I believe Abin sir & Anu mam are successful for that. Having a guru like Abin sir is the most wonderful thing in life.”

udith ullas

Udith UllasPhotographerKannur, Kerala

“A good place to start a career in photography and basic life principles. I had my hard times and with the help of Abin sir, Anu mam, Elango sir and their family. I have come a long way. Now I am an alumnus and miss the old good days and friends from different states.”

sachu kn

Sachu KNCinematographerKottayam, Kerala

“This institute made me understand and the meaning of life, True friends, love, Care and affection. Proud to be a Creative Hut Institute of Photography”.


  • Onam Celebration,The festival of Happiness

    Onam celebration is a wonderful and notable day at Creative Hut every year. It is the biggest festival in the state of Kerala. Indeed, it is one of the grand celebrations for every creative hut batch student too. The festival of Onam falls during August or September every year. Interestingly August is the starting month of our one-year Professional photography course too. Hence, the celebration of Onam is the first festival for every new batch here. Onam Celebration 2020 In 2020, Onam is from 30th August to 2nd September. The students registered for the next 2020-2021 batch are getting the ...
  • Benefits of Campus Life in Photography College

    Campus life is where you as a student learn, develop and explore in a good college atmosphere. A college may have variable courses of different streams and students of different departments. But a Photography College life is different and special from that. It is a college with students and faculties of similar interests and likeness. Hence, each moment of college life becomes one of the benefits of campus life. Campus Life The special fact is that a photography college campus has students from different places speaking different languages and of different cultures. But, what makes them uni...
  • Wildlife Photography Tours

    All the passionate wildlife photographers, wish to get the perfect shots of wildlife. Forests and sanctuaries are then the choices to get those wildlife birds and animals captured in one’s camera. The next search is for the best wildlife photography tours. Rather if you are passionate about wildlife photography, you need to explore wildlife at different locations. With those wildlife photography tours you also need to learn wildlife photography. The best way to learn wildlife photography is to get guided by an experienced mentor at the best wildlife photography college. Because only i...
  • College Celebration at Photography College

    We at Creative Hut enjoy the most cheerful and memorable days during our college celebration at Photography College. The celebrations here are a symbol of happiness and togetherness. Around the year, our students, faculties, and management actively participate in these college celebrations. Indeed, students often have one or the other celebrations here, once in a month. Above all, the parents of the students also join us for these celebrations conducted at our photography college Creative hut. Surely, by now you would like to know what are the Creative Hut college celebrations? When and how...
  • Importance of Photography Theory

    To begin with, let us recall how many times we had the thinking that  Why we need Photography Theory? Firstly, the technical tools of the camera are not the most important thing to become a photographer. In fact, it’s the least important. Originality and aesthetic sense are important factors in photography. Importance of Photography Theory in Education In the Photography field, we usually refer people into two categories, namely ” Amateur and Professional”. What do you really mean by this? The most accepted definition of a “Professional” is a person who makes m...
  • Importance of Practical in Photography Classes

    Learning Photography and practicing it, help us to develop an artistic mind to frame and compose our subjects. Composition and framing has a great importance in making the photograph a story-telling image. But, while we are making the efforts to achieve this and get more deep into our passion, we always have a confused mind. Which is more important Photography Practical or Theory ? To begin with Photography classes and its importance, let’s talk about a general example. If you search in Google, ‘How to Make dosha?’ or ‘What is the recipe of dosha?’, you will ge...
  • Going on a Photo Walk? Photo Walking Tours

    Photographers especially Aspiring photographers usually asks,  “What do you mean by going on a Photo Walk? Where is the  Photo Walk?” Here we will let you know all about Photo Walk and what we usually do in Photo walks. Photo Walking Tours Photo Walk and Photography Exhibition for the Practical Session of Photography College Creative Hut Institute Photography takes Photo Walk as the part of Course to explore the places of Kerala and India. As part of our Professional Photography Course curriculum, we divide our Practical session for Photography into two forms namely photo walk ...
  • Importance of Communication in Photography

    Why is communication important in photography? Communication is the action of sharing of ideas and information. As well as it is the exchange of knowledge, attitude and feeling among two persons or a group of people. The process of communication occurs through certain signs and symbols or passing of information from source to destination. The importance of Communication in photography is known very well when a photographer is not only able to reach greater audience but also make them respond to the same. Why Communication is important for a Photographer? Photographer wants to know how to sh...
  • Importance of College Life in Photography

    Photography education is an area that has inspired a lot students in Modern era. Generally, Photography education is perceived in very narrow term. In fact, most of the time photography learning is given less priority and taken for granted. That is why, many of us think of why we need to go college in order to learn photography? Why college  life is need for making photography as ones career. Hence, here we let you know how and why this college life is required for better photography? Moreover, also get to know why Creative Hut is known for its college life and referred as Gurukul. What do...

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